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At Closets Plus, we offer the highest quality solutions for all your organizational needs. We create custom plans suited to the individual and make sure everything is stored properly and right where you need it. Our staff of experts can offer advice on how to improve your existing closet by creating a custom design just for you.

Depending on your lifestyle and the items you store, everyone’s closet is as unique as they are. Not only are our designs practical and helpful, they’re also stylish and guaranteed to satisfy your design sensibilities. Contact us today to get started on a neater, more organized closet!

Walk-in Closets

Russel.master A good closet should be adaptable, durable, and convenient. At Closets Plus, we walk you through all your options to help you create the perfect closet. Learn More

Garage Cabinets

Blue.garage We offer a wide variety of garage cabinets to help keep your garage organized and tidy. Garage space is ideal for extra storage, but added cabinets are the icing on the cake! Learn More

Wall Beds

Tlk.naturalmaple Offering a different take on the guest room, wall beds are a great way to maximize your space! These beds fold out for a restful night of sleep, and then tuck away to give you more free space during the day. Learn More

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As our name suggests, we offer more than just closets! We make custom cabinetry for any area in your home and for many commercial applications as well. Are you interested in having us help you with your closet and cabinet needs?

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